Customer Insight

We combine qualitative and quantitative User Research techniques. We explore user behaviour by monitoring their service usage data, observing their interactions in our User Lab or in a real life context. We use Big and Small Data to gain a deep understand of the drivers behind customer behaviour and the critical issues they encounter. All of this activity helps us improve their experience and to launch new services, turning business ideas into successful solutions. The techniques we use include:

  • Ethnographic Research
  • Usability Focus, User Test, Remote Testing
  • Eye Tracking, Face Recognition and Neuromarketing
  • CX, UX, Customer Satisfaction, NPS Surveys
  • Customer Feedback Programs
  • Prototype Testing
  • Expert Evaluation

Service and UX

We are User Experience design pioneers. Our User Centred design and Design Thinking methodologies have one aim: to transform business ideas into successful digital services. We achieve this by applying our experience across a range of skills, including

  • User Research
  • Service Design
  • UX
  • UI
  • Prototyping
  • Testing

We involve end users during the whole design process, from research to launch.

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Digital Communication

We help you make the relationship between your brand and your users unique, memorable, and worth repeating. The services we offer include:

  • Social Media and Content Strategy
  • Process and Editorial Governance Definition
  • Content Guidelines and Editing
  • Social Ads Strategy and Planning
  • Social Channel Setup
  • Editorial Planning
  • Community Management
  • Reporting

We analyse the competitive context, the needs of users and your brand positioning. We identify the scope for visual communication and most attractive storytelling techniques that provide relevant content for each touchpoint in your digital ecosystem. In short, we design communication solutions that work.

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