Thanks to our partnership with Stellantis, CSC Digital is running all the former FCA Customer operational services at enlarged Europe level.

CSC Digital is supporting internal and final customers for over 19 countries, providing services in 11 different languages.

CSC Digital mission is to enhance Stellantis Customer Services using innovative, conversational and digital contact channels.

Our Strengths

To ensure an exceptional service, we focus on three main pillars:

  • Brand Experience Excellence
  • Customer Seamless Engagement
  • Agent Cloud Shoring
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Our Approach

Our approach combines Human Empathy and Artificial Intelligence to deliver great services and to enforce Customer Delightness. With a combination of self-service technology, chatbots and machine learning at both the customer and advisor interface, CSC Digital is evolving toward the most empowered and creative center ever. We’re using AI tools to support our agents’ job, improving the quality of their output and offering cost effective 24/7 services.

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Leading Market Trends

Additional to provide multilingual and multichannel hybrid Customer Services, CSC Digital integrates digital customer management services leveraging the new automotive trends as connectivity, mobility and electrification.

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