Hybrid Service

Our Hybrid Service combines human power and Artificial Intelligence to deliver great service, while saving you money. This service model uses AI tools to help people work better together and on their own, and improve the quality of their output. Voicebot, Chatbot, Robotic Process Automation and intelligent agent support tools mean you can offer high quality, cost effective 24/7 services.


CMS Solutions

To help our clients gain exceptional results from Customer Operations, and to deliver the best service, we have designed and developed a range of tech based solutions. These include:

  • Service Manager: our multisite, multichannel and multilingual contact centre platform. Run it on premises or in the Cloud, or both. Service Manager is used by large brands as well as mid-size organisations.
  • M4Assist: a fully automated, asynchronous messaging platform that lets you interact with customers through their preferred messaging apps: text, WhatsApp, WeChat, Telegram, etc.
  • Follow up: an intelligent tool that increases NPS and helps you reduce the number of secondary calls.
  • Voicebot, Chatbot and RPA tools: AI technologies that automate customer interactions and other related processes in the customer service environment. Our bots help you understand customer requests, categorise and route them correctly, answer with appropriate content, activate the related business processes, and more. They can also create solutions that can help you save up to 50% on customer operations costs.


With 10 contact centres, inshore and nearshore, more than 3,000 people and a deep knowledge of Customer Experience, we can provide our clients with industry leading performance. We offer multilingual and multichannel services in pre sales (marketing, communication, lead generation) and post sales (Customer Care, Customer Retention, credit collection) processes. Our outsourcing services are strongly focused on digital communication where we have built an exceptional experience using the following channels:

  • Web e Mobile Chat
  • Voice
  • Email
  • SMS
  • WhatsApp and other Instant Messaging Apps
  • Social Media

Our strong Customer Centric culture, backed by the passion and the professionalism of our people, lets us deliver the best human interaction, and a memorable experience for your customers. Though we rely on technology and digital solutions, it’s our people who build a great service experience.

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CSC Digital CSC Digital

Thanks to our partnership with Stellantis, CSC Digital is running all the former FCA Customer operational services for over 19 countries, providing services in 11 different languages.

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