Chat-based Customer Care



A new relationship channel for a leading media group

Sky is the leading media group in Europe with 21 million subscribers in 5 countries: Italy, Germany, Austria, United Kingdom and Ireland. Their offer encompasses the best and broadest variety of contents, and an excellent service is supplied through innovative technologies made available to subscribers to deliver a unique TV experience, where and when they wish. Sky Italia selected Assist as strategic partner for chat channel operation and management. In particular,  we have been leveraging on our expertise on chat channels development to support both Sky’s subscribers and internet users (skyonline).

About The Project

Identifying the key skills to assist a dynamic client

Sky intended to launch a new chat channel for communication and digital support purposes, though they knew that different skills and abilities were required in comparison to traditional voice facilities. In fact, qualified operators, able to handle different types of calls, build long lasting customer relationships and ensure an excellent user experience. Because of its strong competence in UX environment, Assist provided support to Sky at this stage with all of its capabilities. In particular, we set up an accurate selection and training programme to meet channel requirements, and we used coaching techniques to enhance performances. We also hired an experienced project manager to fit Sky’s business and operation requirements with our IT platform.


A team of experts and innovative supporting tools

We managed to adapt our IT platform to Client’s (business and operation) requirements, always focusing on users. We developed a quantitative and qualitative reporting system to monitor our services on an hourly basis, and immediately report any critical situation deserving prompt intervention.


Satisfaction growing in real time

We extended types of requests to retention and prevention activities.

We constantly worked to improve NPS, which is collected in real time, and attained nearly 50% more feedback than interviews. This is a definitely concrete and self-explanatory result.


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