Media Center



Rethinking customer care to go beyond their expectations

Widiba requested us to design with them an innovative “media center”, so as to deliver to their customers a high-level experience on both the traditional and digital channels.

About The Project

Widiba: no ordinary bank

Widiba is the new online bank of MPS Group. Their vision is to be a “no ordinary bank”, built from accurately listening to customers, providing them with more and more personalized services.
A promise to be mostly fulfilled during one of key moments of relationship cycle: the dialogue through all channels, from phone to email to SMS.


Widiba media center for a “seamless experience”

We started from them: the customers. We worked together with the bank’s management to thoroughly understand their needs, their privileged contact channels, and the most appropriate dialogue methods. We designed together an IT platform that fully met their strong multichannel requirements. Great attention was also paid to the selection of the supervisory and contact staff of the media center. We selected a team of young digital-natives able to establish empathic relationships with their customers. The workplace environment, too, was conceived as a lively and informal place inspiring the innovative spirit of the project. Widiba’s most important need was to measure their customers’ satisfaction on a continuous basis through the Net Promoter Score. We started from our M4Assist platform and we built a reliable, SMS-based measurement system to obtain immediate feedback.


Continous growth in customer satisfaction

One year after the project start-up, the satisfaction levels measured on a daily basis have constantly grown to rank Widiba at the top positions among competitors.


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