My Vodafone Mobile App




CMMC Best Mobile App 2015

An End to End Customer Experience Management

Succeeding in providing assistance through a dedicated channel may entail a strong positive impact on customer satisfaction.
In view of the above, Vodafone requested Assist to create a unique, complete and customizable app, capable of meeting any single need of their users.

About The Project

Vodafone: Power to You

Vodafone wanted to build a mobile platform, taking advantage of their technology and contents synergies, to change customers behaviors to mobile channels, using highly effective and efficient self care tools.


A unique contact point with Vodafone customers

In order to solve this issue, we designed and developed My Vodafone, an innovative self care app that quickly became a reference point not only for the TLC industry. The App was fully developed and managed in outsourcing by our team. My Vodafone is now a a constitutive part of company’s relationship strategy.
Vodafone fully relied on us, and we built a mutually rewarding cooperation that enabled us to freely and independently manage the project, so that we achieved excellent results. My Vodafone is now a mobile platform able to collect a large number of temporary functions, subject to the customer’s needs. An evolving App growing up with a set of changes underway


Increased usage and satisfaction level

My Vodafone is the most used app in Italy, after Google and Facebook 

Owing to our competence we developed a solution featuring an extraordinary quality/cost-saving ratio. My Vodafone entailed a remarkable reduction of costs, and ensured a careful and effective customer care service.
Our app evolved into a customizable tool provided with widgets and ad hoc solutions. We set up a dedicated team and Vodafone established fit-for-purpose working group to assist us.

My Vodafone is unique and constant. In particular, success came with the push tools, which vehicle those offers endowed with a very high redemption rate exceeding emails.


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