UX Research & Design

We define and design customized multichannel User Experiences to improve performance of major Italian and international companies.
From Service Design to UX and UI Design, we combine people’s skills with the User Centered Design methodology to deliver an outstanding customer experience.

Your UX Partner

We are User Experience Design pioneers in Europe. Our team has been leading our clients over all stages of UX projects: from userbehaviour analysis, testing and prototyping, to the design and development of new digital and multichannel services.

UX alliance

We are the exclusive Italian member of UX Alliance, a etwork of 25 independent companies specialized in User Experience, that provides support to global companies seeking to improve their digital presence through research and design services.
Since its establishment in 2005, the network completed more than 250 international projects and tested them on over 15,000 users.


UCD Methodology

Our User Centered Design methodology guides our clients in designing digital and multichannel strategies (Service Design), and improving/fine-tuning channels (Usability).
In order to ensure the highest effectivness, UCD implies continuous end-users involvement during the whole digital channels development process – design, templates creation, development, and launch.

First Step

Discover users' needs

We understand users’ behavior during their digital experience, we investigate their requirements through ethnographic surveys and interviews, and we analyze factors that affect products and services usage. In addition, solutions are tested through “expert assessments” carried out by our specialized professionals.

Second Step

Design services

We are driven by users in the whole design process. After research and benchmarking activities, we proceed to create ‘User Personas’ and usage scenarios with “concept generation” sessions arranged with all stakeholders. In this way, we quickly set up main pattern of new digital concepts (e.g..: international Intranet, self-care facilities, e-books for youngster, etc.).

Third Step

Validate design concepts

We test ideas and concepts with users: interactive prototypes are a tangible method to assess design ideas. We adopt several methods to create prototypes and test them, but we prefer “laboratory user tests” . The ASSIST USER LAB at our headquarters in Milan is equipped with the best research technologies

Fourth Step

Project Delivery

We develop our projects through AGILE and SCRUM methodologies (1-2 weeks of sprint development, which includes planning, requirement analysis, functional specifications, coding, quality check and user acceptance test).

Fifth Step

KPI Monitoring

Our advisory and service centers in Italy and abroad (Multilingual center in Rijeka) allow us to carry out quantitative measurements (via web, mobile, message, text), on-field and lab researches, user tests, data analytics. Furthermore, we can perform web monitoring and sentiment analyses over social medias through our customized platforms.

Sixth Step

Process Management

Since 1996, we have been providing management consulting services for large-sized companies, focussing on governance, work organization, process analysis and relevant operational rules. These skills are backed by our experts in IT and content management platforms (e.g.. SharePoint, Magento, LifeRay).

Our distinctive methodologies

Over the years we have consolidated a set of proprietary methodologies to quickly identify critical areas in digital design and to guide our clients towards the best User Experience. As a member of an international network we can do detailed benchmarks and run periodical surveys.

Future Workshop

Our proprietary methodology combines user-centered idea generation and participatory design techniques to quickly identify a pattern for new digital services. Unlike usual brainstorming sessions, challenge behind these workshops consists in building shared scenarios of future users’ experience and, in the meantime, creating a concept that keeps into account the standpoints of all people involved in the business, and users.


Personas are fictional characters (archetypes) based on the outcome of analyses and researches about real end-users behaviors. Personas are an effective way to set up and develop decision-making process centred on users and help teams to focus and develop products and services suitable to meet specific users requirements. Main features distinguishing each Persona are based on its “behavior”. Behaviors constitute the core, from which a number of other features, such as role, qualification, education and personal habits derive.

E-Mistery Shopping

We apply the consolidated mystery shopping methodology to a different context: e-retailers. In partnership with UX Alliance, we built a UX scorecard, which takes into account an extensive number of web and mobile experience features, and customer care experience, along with other items, such as app functionality and cross-channelling. These factors are then weighed so as to achieve a synthetic indicator. Besides the scorecard, expert reviews have been envisaged to add qualitative elements and improve our analyses.