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A multichannel contact center for top-customers of a new logistic group

Nexive is the first private player in the domestic market of postal shipments and e-commerce.

Every day Nexive is the choice of more than 30,000 Italian business operators such as credit institutions, insurance companies, Media/TLC operators, small-/medium-sized businesses and a large number of Public Bodies. The key for their success is the ability to develop top ranking IT services, and an extensive integration of all phases underlying the production and distribution of correspondence.

In 2015, Nexive selected Assist as their Outsourcing supplier of Contact Center services, on the twofold purpose of enhancing performance (through increased operation efficiency and automated processes/procedures), and supervising the evolution of their customers’ contact channels (senders, partners, addressees).

About The Project

A multichannel contact center for a new logistic group top-customers

top-class customer care management was mainly entrusted to internal departments, branches, or the commercial network, with subsequent difficulties in delivering a structured Customer Service process suitable to monitor operational KPIs and the levels of satisfaction.


A platform combining Artificial Intelligence and traditional channels

Following an initial mapping of the operational contact management procedures of the various segments of Nexive’s customers, we determined the requisites of the new access IVR, undertook the management of phone contacts with our operators at our Italian and offshore centers, established the continuous quality improvement/control processes of Contact Centers (affecting CSIs and NPS) and analysed the contact case records to design and implement the most effective multichannel strategy.
In this perspective, a significant reduction of live contacts was achieved in favour of alternative high-productivity channels (SMS, Chat) suitable to ensure higher Customer Satisfaction feedback. Assist implemented the new contact channels in terms of selection of the IT tools (M4Assist platform and third parties solutions), setup, operative release, management procedures update, introduction of automation protocols through a natural language processing engine (proprietary NLP Engine).


Extraordinary impact on customer satisfaction

The multichannel Contact Center (Inbound, Chat, Email, SMS) so implemented proved suitable to ensure high productivity standards, and manage the contacts attributable to Nexive’s customers in full compliance with the targeted KPIs.
Remarkable increases were achieved through management of newly implemented channels having regard to customers’ satisfaction.


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