To improve communication with “family bankers” network

In 2012, Banca Mediolanum selected Assist as their main digital consultant company, and started a cooperation under which more than 30 projects were implemented.
One of the most complex and challenging projects was to design the intranet for financial promoters.

About The Project

Rethinking Financial Advisors’ Intranet

All parties involved deemed that the portal had to be improved under several aspects. Promoters did not find that contents and tools had been easily organized, editors experienced operation and updating difficulties, and the management considered the communication channels and the available editing formats poorly effective. In addition, the communication and the operation sections were totally disconnected. This implied continuous surfing jumps for users to perform their daily activities.


An Intranet designed around users

The intranet was redesigned with a focus on users and their needs, and more than 1,500 Family Bankers were involved in the process with different User Centered Design typical survey techniques. The feedback so collected permitted us to create a platform tailored to the end users’ needs. A complete, accessible and steadily changing solution endowed with a dashboard to assist the operations.


An extraordinary efficiency improvement

The editing contents have been combined with the operation tools, and each page has been conceived as an access point rather than a final page. Such a reorganization of contents entailed an average 45% reduction of access time, with some 70% peaks. In actual fact, owing to these results, individual Family Bankers will save more time to apply to their daily activities.
These important achievements consolidated the cooperation between Assist and Mediolanum, which is still in place with the implementation of new challenging projects.


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