Lottomatica.it platform



A “Mobile Hub” for a global gaming group

Lottomatica is the leading Italian player in online gaming industry offering a very extensive range of products.Lottomatica.it is a platform created by Assist, and it proved to be both an innovative and effective tool.
We managed to 
put together and organize in one single app the whole of Lottomatica’s offer, and the project that we developed became a case study and a benchmark for being the sole of its kind.

About The Project

A unique view on all gaming apps

Lottomatica had a huge number of apps and gaming services, but lacked of a single access point to the wholerange of products. A strong interaction between customers and all gaming solutions of this brand was missing. The challenge consisted in satisfying the business requirements with an innovative app, through an IT concept that allowed the integration of the operational requirements of the app and the UX methodology.


The first mobile gaming hub for Lottomatica’s customers

We intended to exploit a design idea eligible to create a distinctive benefit that would highlight the range of offer in a synergetic manner: we gave great value to the offer and concentrated all products in one single site.
We succeeded in integrating users’ experience through a fascinating graphic concept and a set of accessible and enticing gaming tools. This solution permitted to meet the
newest market needs, as it transferred users’ sentiment into the app.
Based on a powerful CMS platform, the solution was developed both for smartphone and tablet.


Better Conversion and Cross Selling rate

A remarkable business impact was recorded in terms of cross-sales. This means that our platform gave rise to a unique tool of its kind.
Lottomatica.it exponentially
 increased its conversion rate and, due to these achievements, we established a solid long-term relationship with the client for the development of new innovative technological projects.


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