Building digital channels for a major online insurance

Genertel is Generali Italia’s direct insurance company, and currently one of the most prominent insurance companies in Italy. In view of the re-engineering of their website, Genertel entrusted Assist with the task to develop a new UX design to optimize mobile surfing.

About The Project

A complete multidevice usablity

Developing a new design entailed to attain high accessibility and usability of the website contents, and effectively manage the macro-design of the budgeting and prospect information area.


A combination of UX and analytics for a user centered website

Through a combination of UX tests, analytics tracking and monitoring, we succeeded in highlighting the criticalities that needed our intervention.
Such a process was implemented through several stages of analysis, prototyping and testing of the new design, so as to deliver a “responsive” site, featuring a distinctive mobile usability, and satisfy Genertel customers’ requirements as much as possible.


Italian online insurance best website judged new Genertel’s website empowered by Assist as the best online insurance website due to its usability and transparency, as it stood out, in particular, for: accessibility and menu, ease of budget, simple insertion of data, clear terms and conditions, and visible call center number.


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CRM & Marketing Automation / Multichannel Operations