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Managing multichannel relationship with prospect customers

We are the exclusive partners of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) for their “Shopper and Lead Feedback“ program, a project that gave rise to a cutting-edge customer relationship platform, which was first adopted in Italy and then in the EMEA countries, among which France, Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands, Belgium, Poland and Germany.

About The Project

Dealerships’ visitors feedback management

FCA required a platform suitable to automatically handle the personal data provided by car dealers, and then process and use them in order to collect prospect feedback. Duplications, loss of time, and repeated and intrusive contact attempts owed to redundant processes were to be avoided. Therefore, the goal was to clean up the personal data and attain such IT requirements suitable to manage web and telephone surveys and select the most effective contact channels.


A complete multichannel and multilanguage platform

Originally, personal data forms were completed through phone channel with expensive contact and time costs to collect feedback. Therefore, we focused on the creation of a complex set of rules that would permit daily checks of the status of personal data forms and their shift from one channel to another so as to quickly collect as much feedback as practicable.
Every day, more than 50 checklists are simultaneously filled in in 10 different languages, which may be changed in a short delay, subject to the different requirements, and may be enriched with special commercial offers that will be displayed upon occurrence of certain conditions only. These tools permitted to monitor 24h a day the feedback trend, thus implementing an integrated solution that was not available on the market up until that time.


A winning solutions for all stakeholders

FCA was then able to obtain immediate feedback in support of all levels:

Dealers: a useful tool has been made available to them to close negotiations with their doubtful customers and assess of their salespersons work

Marketing departments of the various brands: timely indications are supplied on the targets interested in the various models and the competition scenario

Sales departments: the opportunity is given to strengthen the then current promotions or create new ones through the insertion of tailor-made offers into the checklists for certain specific targets only

Training: useful data are collected to enhance sale processes and product training


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