CRM Tech Solutions

We provide integrated IT solutions and vertical applications to manage multi-channel contact centers, both inshore and offshore. We also provide technical services to manage CRM and Marketing Automation platforms.

Hosted Contact Center

A complete infrastructure based on an IP architecture, developed to connect remote workstations to offshore operation centers. It can be operated in inbound and outbound mode and ensures control over processes and performance of complex management systems spread over the territory (partner networks, virtual operation centers, etc.).

Contact Center Applications

We provide a set of Contact Manager applications to handle contacts, analyze performance, visualize results

Survey Management Platform

We provide a complete infrastructure to measure customer satisfaction, enabled by our Natural Language Process Engine.

Smart Routing

Our Smart Routing platform allows customer’s seamless handover from a channel to another, to improve agent efficiency and customer satisfaction. The “Follow Up” system helps companies to redirect their customers enquiries to the right agent, thus optimizing the contact process.