CRM and Marketing Automation Services

We help our clients to unveil their customer strategy, to design and re-design processes and to manage them with one objective: improve performance. We help them make every single contact a profitable one.

We know how to win in CRM transformation

Together with the client we build customer-focused business cases and, once the economics are defined, we design a multichannel roadmap to maximize each interaction with every single customer.

Marketing Automation

We customize and master all major Marketing Automation platforms and we manage end-to-end CRM projects: data and system audit, modeling, contact plan definition and management, database building and management, data enrichment, digital adv support, analytics and reporting.

Shoppers’ Feedback

In order to provide companies with quick and extensive information on all phases of the retail process, so as to enable them to quickly adapt their actions, we designed and developed a multichannel and multi-language platform to monitor Customer Experience of prospects and customers entering retail stores and dealerships.


CRM Business Transformation Lab

Our advisory team, made of professionals specialized in customer operation, digital experience and CRM, supports our clients in mapping their customers’ journey, assessing customer experience over different touchpoints, setting KPIs and a transformation plan of their customer operations processes.

Leveraging on Contents to Increase Brand Value

Our Content & Social Media team works to identify the clients’ relevant value areas, to transform these values into messages, to design their social media guidelines, and to set KPIs that measure content marketing effectiveness.