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Designing user experience in the new “intelligent” home

BTicino is a company active in the industry of electric appliances, which manufactures instruments for electric power distribution, communications, and power/sound/air/security control.
Since 2014, they have been cooperating with us on a stable basis in the development of innovative solutions.

About The Project

A Mobile App for domotics

The need emerged to develop a series of appliances in the domotics area, through the constant cooperation with Assist on interaction design. In particular, tests ought to be carried out and supervised over a sample of international users from Italy, France, the UK and China.


An International “user centered” project

Thanks to UXalliance’s support, a global network of 25 leading companies in the User Experience area, we were able to simultaneously develop, carry out and supervise the tests in China, France, the UK and Italy through theUser Centered Design methodology. A progressive approach distinguished by an international footprint.


A project delivered in zero time

We succeeded in simultaneously performing and supervising all tasks in four different countries, and we fully met our client’s requirements and needs. A multimedia final report was drawn up through an appropriate module structure to clearly explain all results in the relevant context.
This international user test was successfully carried out in one month only.


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